You can look new e-mail tackles regarding Assyriologists – You will find a relationship to her or him within my backlinks webpage

You can look new e-mail tackles regarding Assyriologists – You will find a relationship to her or him within my backlinks webpage

>How’s it heading? I understand this is certainly a long try, however, are you aware of any college or university or >set you to definitely shows one tips cam Sumerian? Thank you for time.

>You will find a question: is Sumerian related with the fresh Ural Altaic dialects, >or to the Indo-european dialects? > >Will not around exist any family ranging from Sumerian in addition to semitic >code nearest and dearest?

>Within my rather cursory study of your own unbelievable >functions, I ran across several words and this can be construed >because financial systems from level; gur, good device out of frequency more or less >equivalent to twenty-six bushels, kug or ku, silver otherwise currency, and you can gin or >concert, a little axe direct made use of because the currency approximately comparable to an excellent shekel. >Performed the new Sumerians keeps a familiar tool regarding monetary replace > 2400 to help you 2300 BC and, in this case, that was they?

Our very own papers is more preferable on Ur III several months creating 2100 BC compared to the existing Sumerian Ur II, Girsu/Lagash/Adab several months which you discuss. Regarding the Ur III period you will find tablets regarding different locations and you can moments that give the fresh gold counterparts of different quantities of various other commodities. Into several months that you speak about, I understand that there was in fact standard weights and actions, despite the fact that was quite unlike brand new later several months.

Truth be told there appears to be certain slight family members between Sumerian and you may both Ural-Altaic and Indo-European

>i’m a recently available scholar when you look at the 9th values. i am doing reveal lookup report. >and i also is wondering if the you know which the greatest leader is of the sumerians.

Who more likely King Shulgi of one’s 3rd Dynasty out of Ur. He reigned to have 47 ages during a time of higher prosperity, away from 2094 to 2047 B.


>What cause would be supplied to the reality that three clay pills >with which has sumerian pictographs made out of local clay , however, 1000 ages >over the age of the oldest pills found in Mesopotamia , are found from inside the a district >where in actuality the close places have sumerian names , interracialpeoplemeet URASTIE , >SIMERIA ; KUGIR ? How is it possible one to sumerian teams provides moved >once the much north due to the fact west Rumania ?

They most likely try possible that particular early Sumerian-speakers regarding Samarra culture produced the method north in lieu of southern area.

The text you estimate manage utilize the same mixture of consonants and you may vowels as the Sumerian, however, I would plus try to obtain him or her out-of much easier Sumerian conditions, that you can on real Sumerian lexicon.

Have you ever decided to go to Fred Hamori’s website that renders many comparisons from Sumerian in order to Uralic and you can Altaic words? There clearly was a relationship to they around the bottom away from my mesopotamian backlinks.

I’m always new Vinca culture ‘writing’, talked about by the Marija Gimbutas in her own courses and the topic of a beneficial 1973 UCLA doctoral dissertation from the Milton McChesney Winn. There were about 200 symbols utilized by new Southeast European countries Chalcolithic civilization. But just such as the Indus people software, it primarily exists with the ceramic. Really, I do believe they are heraldic family members emblems, and not attempts to render speech during the created cues. They are not similar to Sumerian writing.

> Yes , the new Tartaria pills are part of the latest “Vinca” community , and i also >was familiar with Maria Gimbutas remarkable work , but have in order to differ >together with your end that those three clay tablets “aren’t sumerian creating” . > I cannot give an explanation for similarities , nevertheless facts are which they incorporate >pictograms undoubtedly identical with those found inside the Djemet-Nasr , they >try carbon dated 1000 many years in advance of , as they are made from regional clay . And >they definitely are clay tablets , surely about this , used in a burial place , >and extremely not the same as the greater prominent pottery signs discovered >while in the southeastern European countries , both in mode and in function . > The issue is that the introduction from only these types of about three pills regarding >”Vinca” people seems , graphically , pushed by >insufficient a better reason , a unique situation being the obvious >isolation and you may faraway keeping of the latest tablets off >the remainder ( whenever they actually fall into a beneficial proto-mediterranean society , >more widespread than it is determined today ) .